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Joomla component to display a Google Map.

  • Component
  • 1.0.3 / 1.1.0
  • free


  • Google Maps map with markers on the selected adress
  • No Latitude / Longitude data necessary.
  • Support for multiple languages

Installation instructions

Download the zip archive and install the file in the extension manager in your backend (administratior). Click "New" to create a new module and choose "mod_sketchmaps". It is important to assign the module to a menu and module-position.


mod sketchmaps en

  • Adress inputs (Street, ZIP, City)
  • Zoom Level (Numbers 1-14, 14 is max. zoom)
  • Height and Width (0 is default)
  • Setting for Scrolling with mouse wheel

Server settings

  • The PHP setting "allow_url_fopen=1" is necessary

Show the module in an article

You can load the module into an article by assining a new moduleposition and using the following snippet:

{­loadposition your-custom-position­}

Help and Support

If you need help with the installation or have any questions feel free to contact us anytime! You can also use our support forums, maybe there is already a solution to your question.

Component in PRO version

Managing locations, settings and themes is available in the component settings in the PRO version.

These are new options for sketch.maps PRO:

  • Create, bundle and manage several maps and locations.
  • You are able to set more location markers in one map
  • You can place custom content in your location markers (eg. Links to Joomla Pages)
  • Nine different map designs and an easy way to add custom themes
  • More design adjustments available (border, rounded corners, etc.)
Here you can see the map design "Midnight Commander".
One out of nine designs provided by snazzymaps.com

midnight small

 These are some of the settings you can adjust to your needs.

sketch.maps pro configuration


Custom Theme

sketch.map Pro enables you to easily add custom designs from snazzymaps.com. You select your custom theme on the website and click "copy code to clipboard". Now you can add the code in the Custom style field in sketch.maps PRO settings and just select "custom style" in the option Map Template selection. 


Free Version

2015-10-13 Stable Release 1.0.3
2018-03-07 Stable Release 1.0.3


2016-06-21 Stable Release 1.1.0

New features

  • Backend view for locations
  • Backend view for maps
  • Global theme settings
  • Module to show maps
2016-06-21 Stable Release 1.0.9

New features

  • Backend view for locations
  • Backend view for maps
  • Global theme settings
  • Module to show maps
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