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This plugin enables the display of a cookie confirmation as an alert box for visitors.

  • Plugin
  • 1.0.4 /
  • free


  • Shows a notice to European directives, that a cookie is set
  • User has to accept only once
  • Multilingual support

More information about the Joomla! cookie note

A Joomla! cookie note with a predefined design is being shown on the lower border of the screen. The Joomla! cookie note can be set up in different languages , changed by Joomla! language overrides or extended with new language files. The language files for the Joomla! cookie note are to be found in the folder


Installation instructions

Once you have downloaded the package, you can install the plugin in "Extensions". Then you navigated to "Extensions" > "Plugins" and activate the plugin plg_sketchcookies. You can still make additional settings in the plugin.

Tips and tricks

  • Create an article for your policies and use the link input field.
  • The link has to be created in the Joomla language overrides. To create a new override, you have to go to Extensions -> Languages -> Overrides. Click on "New" and insert the link for the language-key "PLG_SKETCHCOOKIES_LINK"

Adjustments to appearance:

The following language-overrides are possible:

PLG_SKETCHCOOKIES_DISMISS : change text for button
PLG_SKETCHCOOKIES_LEARN: change "learn more" text
PLG_SKETCHCOOKIES_LINK: insert link to your privacy policy

Change read_more color:
cc_banner-wrapper:hover a.cc_more_info{color:#insert color code here}

Change Button color:
a.cc_btn.cc_btn_accept_all{background-color:#insert color code here}

Change message color:

Place sketch.cookies at the top of the page:
div.cc_container {
top: 0;
bottom: auto;


Help and Support

If you would like assistance with installing or have questions regarding the application, please use our forum.


Free Version

2016-06-07 Bugfix Release 1.0.4

New features

  • Improved Backend description


  • Optimized language function
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