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This module is capable to transform ordinary Joomla Articles from a category into an accordion.

  • Module
  • 1.1.1 / 1.0.1
  • free

This accordion is a clean, lightweight solution for Joomla! 3 and uses mainly Joomla core functions. The well-known categorization and handling of simple articles facilitates the handling within the module. You will also recognize the module's options. They are the same as in the core modules e.g. latest news.


  • Joomla! native Categories and Articles
  • Set different categories, all categories or a specific category
  • Filter by featured articles
  • Sorted by different specifications (e.g. title)
  • Set a maximum number of displayed articles
  • Read more inside the accordion available
  • Intro image and article image will be supported in future releases

Installation instructions

Download the zip archive and install the file in the extension manager in your backend (administratior). Click "New" to create a new module and choose "mod_sketchaccordion". It is important to assign the module to a menu and module-position.

Features and settings

mod sketchtabs en

  • Featured articles can be displayed or skipped
  • Number of Articles: The number of items to display. The default value of 0 will display all articles.
  • Category filter type: Include/exclude selected categories
  • Category: Choose category
  • Subcategory articles: Include articles of subcategories (children)
  • Category depth: The number of child category levels to return.
  • Sorting: change the sorting of articles
  • Read more and Read more title: enable/disable

Useful tips for mobile devices

  • We recommend short titles for optimal responsive display. If you want to use long titles you can use the HTML-Code ­ to force a word break.

Help and support

If you need help with the installation or setup, don't be shy and use our forums!

Settings for pro version

  • Set custom colors
  • Remove developer-backlink
  • Adjust padding & borders
  • Change fontsize

sketch accordion


Free Version

2016-12-14 Bugfix Release 1.1.1


  • fixed helper class
2016-06-23 Bugfix Release 1.1.0

New features

  • Global Updateserver
2016-01-25 Bugfix Release 1.0.9


  • content prepare


2016-06-23 Stable Release 1.0.1

New features

  • Added theme settings


  • h3 in accordion, font-size
  • Params Bugfix
2015-12-18 Alpha Release 1.0.0
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