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You can load Joomla Article Images into any module position form your template

  • Module
  • 1.0.3 /
  • free

Basic overview

  • Set a default image in the settings of the module, if there is no article image in your content
  • Assign any module position to your article image
  • The size of your image is definied with the actual image size or the css style of your template. You can also set article images as background or full-width, depending on available module positions of your template


Download the zip archive and install the file in the extension manager in your backend (administratior). Click "New" to create a new module and choose "mod_sketcharticleimage". It is important to assign the module to a menu and module-position. You can set a default image, if there is no article image in your content. Set the path of the default/fallback image from your Joomla root directory (e.g. images/content/default.jpg).

Advanced options

  • If you don't want to load your article image at the default position you have to manually create a template override (com_content -> article). If you need help, just ask in our forums!
  • If you want to load your article image at any position in your article you can use Joomlas "loadposition" call to load a module!
  • If there is no article image a default image is loaded. If you want to set different default images, just create another mod_sketcharticles module and use this on different menu entries.

Help and support

If you have any questions, please use our forums.

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